Diverted profits tax - live webcast
Pres CTRL and F5 to restart the viedo. Diverted profits tax - live webcast.Join us on this live webcast when we'll be discussion the details and implications of the new diverted profit tax as published in the draft Finance Bill
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Paying Taxes 2011: The global picture
Paying taxes is getting easier around the world despite the economic downturn. Find out why.
The PwC Family Business Survey 2010/11
More than a quarter of family firms expect to change hands within the next five years. Are family business owners ready to hand over the reins?

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Webcast on water white paper
Update key personnel at infrastructure funds on changes in the water sector and the impact on their future investments.

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IPO Watch Europe Q1 2012
After a sustained period of market uncertainty and volatility, the initial public offerings (IPO) market is showing some signs of recovery after a number of high-profile deals completed in the first quarter of 2012.