The impact of the draft Finance Bill webcast

Webcast Date: Wednesday 12th December 2012

Live time: 10:00 GMT

The draft clauses from Finance Bill 2013 will be published on 11 December 2012 and may go some way to outlining the course for growth. They’ll deliver some of the legislation that’s been going through the consultation process since the last Budget with the aim of delivering the much-needed growth that businesses and economists alike are craving.

We’ll be discussing the highlights from the draft Finance Bill in our live webcast on 12 December 2012. You can sign up to the webcast and for our other updates on the Autumn Statement and draft Finance Bill here

Please note: This page will automatically redirect you to the webcast five minutes before the scheduled live time. If you are not automatically redirected, please hold down CTRL and F5 on your keyboard to force through the webcast.


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